power consumption

power consumption

How much power does a chest freezer consume?
Large chest freezers can use anywhere from 380 to 400 watts of power. According to Energy Start, these units can consume approximately 980 kilowatt-hours per year, which equates to an annual cost of $67 on your energy bill. Divide that by 12 months to get a monthly energy cost of slightly more than $5.

How much power does a chest freezer consume per hour?
A freezer consumes between 300 and 700 watts, depending on size and model year. A 13 cubic foot frost-free freezer, for example, uses around 300 watts, while a 20 cubic foot chest freezer uses 350 watts. An older freezer model will consume more energy than a newer freezer model.

How many watts does a defy refrigerator consume?
Appliance Power Ratings Database
Brand Fridge/Freezer 171 Defy Computer Power Rating (Watts) (desktop & screen)
160 Cell Phone Charger (iPhone4) 4 Computer (11.6′′ Laptop)
25 Acer

Do old chest freezers consume a lot of energy?
In general, older appliances use more electricity than newer ones. This is primarily due to tightening EU regulations aimed at maximizing efficiency. On average, appliances older than 11 years consumed 50% more electricity than appliances younger than 5 years.

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