What is the best brand of chest freezer?
According to thousands of reviews, the following are the top 7 chest freezers:
Midea Chest Freezer is the best-rated product on Amazon.
Danby Chest Freezer was the runner-up.
Ideal for Garages: GE Ready-to-Use Chest Freezer.
Whynter Portable Fridge and Freezer is the best portable.
Avanti Products Chest Freezer is the best small capacity freezer.

What is the ideal size for a chest freezer?
The general rule of thumb is to allow 1.5 cubic feet of freezer space per person in your family. As a result, a family of four should get at least a 6-cubic-foot freezer. Choose a freezer that is neither too large nor too small. For maximum energy efficiency, keep your freezer at least two-thirds full.

How big of a chest freezer do I need for a family of five?
One cubic foot of freezer space can hold about 35 pounds of food. We recommend multiplying the number of people in your family by 2.5 cubic feet to help you determine the size you’ll need for your family.

What is the price of a freezer?
A 14 cubic foot upright standard freezer costs between $600 and $800 in materials, with installation costing between $100 and $300. As a result, the total price of a 14.4 cubic foot upright freezer ranges between $700 and $1,150.

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