What do you think a reasonable price for a chest freezer is?
An average chest freezer should cost between $500 and $700, according to Fixr.

Which chest freezer is the most popular?

According to thousands of reviews, these are the top 7 chest freezers:
Amazon’s Best Seller: Chest Freezer from Midea.
Danby Chest Freezer was the runner-up.
Garages are best for: Garage Ready Chest Freezer by GE.
Whynter Portable Fridge and Freezer is the best portable option.
Avanti Products Chest Freezer is the best small capacity option.

Is it worthwhile to purchase a chest freezer?
Really. It saves you visits to the store, allows you to stock up on your favorite space-hogging foods and beverages, and provides you with the one thing that every cook desires: flexibility. They’re also inexpensive. Even higher-end models are well under the price of a competent refrigerator/freezer combination.

How big should a freezer chest be?
Plan for 1.5 cubic feet of freezer space per person in your family as a rule of thumb. As a result, a family of four should invest in at least a 6-cubic-foot freezer. Select a freezer that is neither too large nor too little, but just right. Your freezer should always be at least 2/3 filled for maximum energy efficiency.

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